Samsung’s latest and different approach in Foldable smartphones

Samsung Electronics, after losing its smartphone crown to Apple Inc in last quarter and facing delayed Galaxy Fold last year due to screen glitches, did not waste any time to unveil its foldable Galaxy Z Flip.

Samsung unveiled its latest foldable smartphone at company’s Unpacked event on Tuesday and also announced updated versions of its flagship Galaxy S range at the event.

Last year’s foldable disaster not only came hurting the company’s revenue but also put an industry-wide question mark against the future of foldable phones. But with the latest square shaped foldable smartphone, Samsung is seeking reviving its sales. Company is also aiming proving itself if not the leading player then at least a stronger player in the smartphone market with innovative ideas.

Unlike Galaxy Fold, which was merely announced in last year’s Unpacked event, this time Samsung came unveiling the phone itself. And before that unveiling event in San Francisco, Samsung released a TV commercial in United States on Sunday that came to the surprise of most.

In its latest Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung came up with new approach for foldable phones which is different not only from its own Galaxy Fold but is also different from foldable smartphones of competitors. Samsung’s new foldable folds in a small square device instead of a tablet folded into a phone.

Pricing of $1,380 makes the Galaxy Z Flip more affordable for the mainstream, but consumers will still be keen seeing the Samsung’s way of overcoming the technological challenges in making foldable smartphones and previous screen issues in Galaxy Fold.

Though Samsung is seeking driving sales from Galaxy Z Flip, but analysts are seeing the foldable phone as super-premium product which could drive profits and can work as a halo effect for the company’s brand. But they are in believes that it will take 2 to 3 more years to mass production of foldable smartphones to take off.