Amazon putting new grocery customers on hold to handle demand surge Inc, after facing surging demands, decided not only to limit the shopping hours at some of its Whole Foods stores but also to put new customers for grocery delivery on hold, as said the company on Sunday. The company took decision to prioritize its existing customers buying food online during virus outbreak.

Due to limited availability of delivery slots, many of the shoppers seeking to purchase groceries from e-commerce giant remained unable to place their orders. Amazon to deal with the increasing new online grocery customers is intending relegating them to a waiting list from Monday onward while putting its efforts to increase its order fulfillment capacity each week.

The ‎Seattle, Washington-based technology company came increasing number of Whole Foods stores with pick up facility in recent weeks from previous number of 80 to more than 150 stores. To increase its capacity of quickly fulfilling the grocery orders made online, Amazon is also intending shortening shopping hours at some of its Whole Foods stores for the public, said Amazon.

The efforts by the world’s largest online retailer are clearly highlighting that its strategy of entering into the grocery industry with the acquisition of Whole Foods in August 2017 for $13.7 billion is now paying off. The acquisition is benefitting the e-commerce giant with not only its online presence but with the physical presence as well to stand with the surging demands from customers stuck in their homes and have no option available of eating at restaurants but to eat at their homes.

Amazon is fulfilling grocery order deliveries through Amazon Prime Now and Amazon Fresh from its warehouses as well as Whole Foods stores. Amazon is in practice of advertising its ultra-fast delivery within hours as a marketing and service delivery tool which allows shoppers to choose delivery window. But in last month, Amazon came temporarily suspending its service of delivering non-perishable groceries of Prime Pantry.