Cognizant hit by cyber attack

Cognizant Technology Solution Corp comes across a “Maze” ransomware when it was hit by the cyber attack on Saturday that disrupted its services to some of the clients.

The provider of information technology services in collaboration with cyber security companies has taken measures to take control of the system again and also took the mater up with law enforcement authorities, said the company after becoming victim of the cyber attack.

The Maze ransomware is new wave of particularly complicated damaging malicious program of ransomware used by hackers which steals data files in a system before encrypting it and then demand heavy payments from victim organization to recover them.

Hackers by deploying Maze threaten the targeted organizations to release the stolen data if they fail to pay the ransom amount, said cybersecurity firm McAfee.

The company is continuously in contact with its clients and has provided the customers with indicators to know whether their data has been compromised and also provided them with other technical information to safeguard their data, Cognizant added.

According to a security website BleepingComputer, the Maze operators did not take the responsibility of the incident; however its report suggested that Maze is avoiding the discussion because of the likely complications at the time when the incident is at its early stages.

In the coronovirus outbreak when regular working of most of the corporate organizations including technological giants has already been disrupted, hacking activities are also been the biggest challenges for these organizations as many of their workers are working from home which make the IT infrastructure more prone and easy to be hacked.

Researchers have noticed that apart from more and more businesses and companies becoming victims of digital theft, individuals especially in the areas that have been most affected by the virus spread are also more of such incidents.